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Baby Clothes 101- Dressing A Newborn

Baby style in the first month should be one thing – easy.

I had several shopping frenzies during pregnancy (blame the hormones, argggh). I’m talking frou frou yellow tutus, little pink fur coats, uber cool and cutesy dungarees – Lalita was gonna be the most stylish newborn for miles! Then my angel came into this world and after marvelling at her for many, many hours I realised:

1) She was so damn beautiful.

2) She was delicate and I was terrified every time I had to change her outfit.

3) She could poop for England.

Newborns are so scrummy that they do not need bells and whistles when it comes to clothes. A simple romper (with front poppers, not with poppers up the back or down below) and vest will do! Who has time to twist a baby this way and that into the latest from Burberry Kids when you haven’t slept all night and the  bambino spends most of their time sleeping?! You want to be able to whip outfits off swiftly to limit the amount of damage done by newborn poo/spit up/wee spillage etc and you don’t want to waste money on something they will wear once due to their super duper growth rates.

The result of an early shopping frenzy, yikes!

You see the haul above? Lalita wore none of it!

I found shopping at the likes of for the daily onesies [prices start at around £6 for one or £12 for a pack of three], for a few special occasion (and very durable) onesies [prices from £16 for a pack of three and for vests, hats, mittens and other baby accoutrements to be all I needed. Of course if you have special occasions such as a Christening or Christmas popping up when your newborn is still a newborn then you’re going to want to get something special. I picked up a beautiful satin red dress for Lalita’s first Christmas from Boots for £10.99.

"Mama I like this onesie, please don't put me in a tutu!"

“Mama, I like this onesie. Please don’t put me in a tutu!”


I wasted a small sweet fortune on unsuitable clothes for my little one, hope you don’t (or didn’t) too!