The First Post

Ta Dah!

Welcome to the Imperfect SuperMum Blog!

Motherhood is a beautiful, topsy turvy roller-coaster that has definitely given me my greatest highs (yay to my daughter popping into the world, her first smile, her first coo, her funny little kisses) and produced some nail biting, eek inducing moment (hello green poo, cracked nipples and dwindling milk production!). Becoming a mother for the first time last October was the single most amazing and scary moment of my life. So why not share the fun on this Blog?

Whether you’re a first time mama, second time mama or even a sixth time mama, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my Imperfect SuperMum moments and that you’ll share your Imperfect SuperMum thoughts and stories here too!



The Imperfect Supermum