My baby girl is one!

My beautiful little pecan pie Lalita turned one last month. That day was literally like every childhood Christmas rolled into one. for me. I had butterflies in the morning, couldn’t sleep the night before and couldn’t stop talking to my hubby – practically a volcano of excitement. We’d been a family for a year! We’ve managed to raise this beautiful, spirited, loving, cheeky, CBEEBIES adoring, cuddly little person for a whole 12 months! In that time we’ve gone from rookie parents to old hands (OK, maybe not old – middle aged hands?). We no longer jump with fright at every sneeze, cough or splutter. We’re so excited by the fact that Lalita wants to explore the world, crawling inquisitively all over the house, squeezing her lunch in her fists and trying to drink her bath water!

Lalita on her first birthday!

Lalita on her first birthday!

She’s amazing, she’s our little girl and we couldn’t be prouder.

We threw a pretty big-ish shindig for her special day…more on that in the next post.

The Imperfect Supermum!