A bit about me…


I’m Mary Bello aka the Imperfect Supermum and I gave birth to a yummy little super being on October the 11th 2013. Her name is Lalita Bello-Wilson. This blog is all about the experiences I encounter in this brave new world of Motherhood from pregnancy highs and lows, to labour, falling in love with my daughter and figuring out everything else that happens during the course of raising a child!

I’m 30 *cough* OK, thirty-ish (a lady never tells right?) and a lifestyle/entertainment journalist by trade but for the foreseeable I am a *trumpets please* stay-at-home-mum. Yes, I have hung up my Jimmy Choo wearing, daily prosecco sippin’, dictaphone wielding, celebrity interviewing lifestyle for a serene sea of domesticity.

Well, so I thought and then once you get stuck into motherhood you realise that old tagline is brutally honest…being a mother is truly one of the hardest jobs in the world. Us women dive head first into an uncharted sea of sleepless nights, shockingly full nappies, pureeing madness and non stop entertainment provision. None of us are perfect, but dammit we are all Supermums in our own right – hence the name of the blog.


I hope you enjoy reading and please share your thoughts and experiences too!



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