The Post Baby Weight loss War Rages ON!

It’s a given that you’ll gain an extra pound (or 30) during pregnancy and unless you have the genes of a supermodel (oh hi Giselle, Doutzen, Adriana) chances are the weight will not slip off within a day of popping your sprog.

I gained 42lbs whilst I was pregnant and although I’ve never heralded catwalk proportions I’ve always managed to wriggle my hips into a size 8 pair of jeans. After having my scrummy little daughter, I was pleasantly surprised to lose 20lbs within the first few weeks post pregnancy but then things kinda stalled. This is something that I’ve found to be a common theme amongst my mama friends and this is where the war begins…


Me pre-pregnancy

Pregnant me!

Pregnant me!

“Cellulite, fat and extra pounds – I will hunt you down and I will destroy you.”

So, I have managed to lose another 15lbs since January. Sometimes it feels a little slow but they do say the longer it takes to come off the more likely it’ll stay off (hooray!). First thing I tried to do was shake up my diet. Faddy or strict diets can feel a little stressful  (blood type, 5:7, Atkins I detest thee) so I started to make sure that I had sensible portions, always had my 5 a day and drank 1.5ltrs of water.The water thing can be tough if you’re not a H2O lover by nature. One way to encourage adequate consumption is to always have a big bottle on you with timed markings. So at 10am you have 200mls, at 12pm you have 150mls and so on until the bottle is finished by the time you go to bed.

I force myself to go running. The lazy me and the “I wish I were a gym bunny” me have a fight every morning. Sometimes the bunny wins, sometimes lazy gets her own way. But every week at least three 30 minute jogging sessions have happened to me. My ass, thighs and size ten pencil skirt appreciate this.

Three sweet tried and tested weight loss tricks that worked for me and might work for you…

I may not be a fan of the faddy diet, but I love a little boost that will get you to your goal weight a little faster!

Setting regular exercise alarms on your phone can kick start your workout regime. For example, I would set 3 alarms a day for three ten minute workouts. Each would detail what I should do e.g. 2 minutes of jumping jacks, 10 side kicks on each leg, 20 lunges, 5 minutes of skipping and I’d just get on with it. Breaking your workouts into bite sized portions makes exercise with a little one all the more easy. Lalita loves to watch with a bemused look on her face whilst mummy does squats!

Drinking Aloe Vera juice every morning for a month. Now don’t get it twisted, the green stuff tastes vile but my oh my what it did for my constitution. It left me feeling energised (always a bonus for new mums), more in the mood for exercise and helps to reset the digestive system. However, it’s not something that should be consumed long term/in great quantity because there are some questions over potential toxicity if over consumption occurs, Check with the doc that you’re good to go with it before you indulge!

It may sound weird but I ate two tablespoons of (solid) coconut oil a day for a few months. Why does it help weight loss? There are many reasons, including the fact that it is a friendly medium chain fatty acid, readily utilised by the liver (not stored like saturated fats) producing a thermogenic affect which means consumption actually burns calories thus increasing your metabolic rate. This site will tell you more You can also use it in cooking or melt into a hot drink, It’s yummy, promise!


And for my final 7lbs I’m employing the help of a Teatox! 

Hello Tiny Tea!

Hello Tiny Tea!

I’ve just started a 28 day tea detox with TinyTea from Developed by a group of Aussies, this tea is based on a Chinese medicinal principles and formulated with Chinese medicinal herbs. Ingredients include oolong, jue ming zi and he ye. The tea promises to help with weight reduction, bloating, boost energy levels and reset a sluggish digestive system.  I’ll keep you posted on the results!


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